Villa Casdagli

Robusto 52 x 5''

This cigar is blended especially for Casdagli Cigars at Tabacos de Costa Rica in San Jose, Costa Rica.

A Master Blender's Touch:
The "Mejorado" Secrets of the Robusto

It was the search to add only the second Robusto in our worldwide portfolio that laid the foundation to the new lineup.
All of the tobaccos in this Robusto go through a "mejorado" improvement process. This is a second fermentation in a "pilon" for a further 2-4 months before the master blender is totally satisfied. Moreover with 2 tobaccos from Peru in the filler, this beauty's profile will lean towards extra sweetness and rich molasses.


Body: Medium to Full
Flavor: Medium to Full
Strength: Medium to Full


Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Ecuador
Filler: 2x Peru, Dominican Republic, Ecuador


White and black pepper, vanilla, chocolate, maple syrup, brown sugar


Casdagli - Villa Casdagli

The Villa Casdagli Line blends consist of “mejorado” tobaccos from Ecuador, Dominican Republic, Nicaragua and Peru. These complex cigars are amongst our strongest with a rich body – a perfect celebration of the beautiful and exotic Villa Casdagli in Cairo.

Villa Casdagli Collection

Villa Casdagli Collection luxury cigar accessories are made to order for Casdagli Cigars. Unique and custom made representing luxury, tradition and elegance.

Casdagli Cigar Accessories from us