Smoking Jacket Cigars

Short Robusto 56 x 4,5''

Wild one of the line, the result of indescribable experimental blending that took a long time to develop.

Kelner Short Robusto:
A Connoisseur's "Wild Ride"

The Kelner Short Robusto stands out as the line's "wild one." Hendrik Kelner himself describes it as "indescribable," a result of "experimental blending" that took considerable time to perfect. While he acknowledges this vitola might not appeal to everyone, he believes true cigar connoisseurs will appreciate its subtle nuances.

The name "Short Robusto" reflects Hendrik's desire for a relatable brand identity. He envisions Kelner Cigars like a smoking jacket - a symbol of elegance and good taste that transcends a specific name or title, and feels like a personal favorite to everyone who enjoys it. The brand logo, featuring lapels within a red shield, further reinforces this connection.


Body: Medium Up
Flavor: Medium
Strength: Medium


Wrapper: 9 year old Dominican Cotui
Binder: Dominican Monte Plata Kelner farm
Filler: Dominican HVA, Dominican San Vicente, Nicaraguan Condega and Dominican Kelner


This medium strength and medium up body smoke is very complex, yet with delicate taste.

Might not be for everyone but a true connois seur will, however, revel in the subtleties.


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Smoking Jacket Cigars

The inaugural release by Hendrik Kelner, Jr., “Smoking Jacket” is the first cigar created in his newly opened Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF) in Santiago.

Utilizing some of the finest tobaccos in the world, “Smoking Jacket” was developed to provide connoisseurs with a truly sophisticated cigar smoking experience.

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