Smoking Jacket Cigars

Favoritos 46 x 6''

The Favoritos is my favorite size and is more like an every day smoke but with a very unique taste and nice, balanced strength.

Kelner Favoritos:
A Perfect Balance of Heritage & Flavor

Hendrik set out to make a splash with his inaugural line, and the Favoritos was his launching pad. The vitola uses a Dominican Cotuí wrapper, a leaf Kelner describes as a “family reserve tobacco” that is being grown by his sister, Monika Kelner, at her family farm and for use exclusively at Kelner’s factory. The filler is 60 % Dominican , 20 % Nicaraguan and 20 % USA Broad Leaf. The wrapper is 9 year old Dominican Cotuí. The binder is Bonao, which adds a little spice. This is a medium body smoke, very balanced with pleasant sweet notes, the strength level is from Mild to medium.


Body: Mild to Medium
Flavor: Mild to Medium
Strength: Mild to Medium


Wrapper: 9 year old Dominican Cotui
Binder: Dominican Bonao
Filler: Dominican San Vicente, Dominican HVA,
Nicaraguan Condega and USA Broad Leaf


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Smoking Jacket Cigars

The inaugural release by Hendrik Kelner, Jr., “Smoking Jacket” is the first cigar created in his newly opened Kelner Boutique Factory (KBF) in Santiago.

Utilizing some of the finest tobaccos in the world, “Smoking Jacket” was developed to provide connoisseurs with a truly sophisticated cigar smoking experience.

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