Cypher 3311

Needle 48 x 7''

This cigar is blended especially for Casdagli Cigars at an exclusive IGM boutique factory in San Jose, Costa Rica.

A Symphony of Cream & Spice:
Boxed-pressed Churchill Experience

Needle is the basis of the entire Cypher 3311 Line. The name alludes to Jeremy's Grandfather Major A.T. Casdagli needling of the Germans. When wiling away the war as a POW in a German prison camp for 4 years Major Casdagli delivered a defiant message of resistance through the apparently innocuous skill of embroidery. The boarder of an innocent looking tapestry stitched by the officer had a series of dots and dashes, which in Morse code spelt out “God save the King” and “F— Hitler”. Unaware of the hidden message but impressed with the captive officer’s needlework, the Germans even put it on display.
It is one of the greatest stories you’ll read about giving your foe the needle. And now it will be the story that will accompany our new cigar.

Needle has everything in it that Cypher 3311 has to offer. Using the same exotic fillers from Costa Rica as for the Lorenz and Enigma vitolas but penetrated by additional Peruvian and Dominican fillers. The binder is Costa Rican Puriscal and the silky floral wrapper is Ecuadorian Habano Claro Colorado. This is a mild strength smoke that delivers deep creamy almond with marzipan notes to the palate. Due to its boxed-pressed shape and narrower gauge this is still a mild strength smoke but delivering deeper and spicier flavours to the palate when compared to the Colossus.


Body: Medium to Full
Flavor: Medium to Full
Strength: Medium


Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Costa Rica
Filler: Peru, Dominican, 3rd leaf undisclosed


Cream, almonds, marzipan, baking spices, pepper

Casdagli - Cypher 3311

The blends chosen as well as the imagery on the packaging contain hidden messages that can be discovered by the smoker. The exotic tobaccos of the Cypher 3311 vitolas are rare and expensive thus creating a truly unique blend that requires aging once the cigar is made. Each cigar will indicate clearly its year of production on its box. There will only be a maximum of 4,000 of each of the 4 cigars made annually.

A percentage of every cigar sale will be donated to the Red Cross whose relentless work continues to alleviate human suffering across the world.

Villa Casdagli Collection

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