Cypher 3311

Lorenz 58 x 9,2''

This cigar is blended especially for Casdagli Cigars at an exclusive IGM boutique factory in San Jose, Costa Rica.

Dark Chocolate & Beyond:
A Taste of History with the Lorenz

Lorenz was the most top secret cypher machine used by the German Army in WW2 and was declassified only in 2002. The deciphered Lorenz messages made one of the most significant contributions to the British military intelligence and to Allied victory in Europe, due to the high-level strategic nature of the information that was gained from Lorenz decrypts.

The exotic and difficult to obtain binder and filler tobaccos of our Lorenz remain to be encyphered. Here's a little hint: the selected filler and binder tobaccos originate from Costa Rica and their aim is to deliver a very cubanesque characteristic. The Colorado wrapper leaf also delivers dark chocolate notes to accompany the honey and almond aromas added by the filler leaves. The long slender Diademas format also ensures some subtle changes during the long elegant smoke.


Body: Medium
Flavor: Medium to Full
Strength: Medium


Wrapper: Ecuador
Binder: Undisclosed
Filler: Undisclosed


Honey, almond, dark chocolate


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Casdagli - Cypher 3311

The blends chosen as well as the imagery on the packaging contain hidden messages that can be discovered by the smoker. The exotic tobaccos of the Cypher 3311 vitolas are rare and expensive thus creating a truly unique blend that requires aging once the cigar is made. Each cigar will indicate clearly its year of production on its box. There will only be a maximum of 4,000 of each of the 4 cigars made annually.

A percentage of every cigar sale will be donated to the Red Cross whose relentless work continues to alleviate human suffering across the world.

Villa Casdagli Collection

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