Our trained staff will assist with Whisky choices & happily talk about the heritage of the Scottish and Irish distilleries.

5 Specialist Bars Unite
Under One Roof

Step into D'BOISS, where each sip is a journey through the world of premium spirits, meticulously crafted to tantalize your taste buds and elevate your drinking experience.

From the smooth complexity of our aged whiskeys to the botanical brilliance of our artisanal gins, every pour is a testament to our unwavering commitment to quality and refinement. Our rum selection, curated from the finest distilleries around the globe, offers a taste of exotic flavors and rich heritage, while our expertly crafted cocktails showcase the artistry and innovation of our mixologists.

But our commitment to excellence doesn't end with our drinks. Our ambiance exudes sophistication and charm, providing the perfect backdrop for intimate gatherings or celebratory occasions. And with our attentive staff guiding you through our extensive selection, you'll discover new favorites and old classics alike, making every visit a memorable experience.

At D'BOISS, we invite you to savor the finest spirits under one roof, where every sip is an invitation to indulge in the extraordinary.

Ternion Whisky Room

The Ternion Whisky Room comprises of three separate bars all specializing in a specific category of the famous dram!
Our Extensive Whisky collection offers you over 400 single malt & blended Whisky's. and Irish Whiskey The room is stylish with the leather sofas, high backed chairs and decorated in rich colours with splashes or art.

The Glenfiddich Whisky Bar
Glenfiddich is the world’s most awarded single malt Scotch whisky and is one of the last family distilleries.
The Glenfiddich Bar focuses on Scottish single malt and blended whiskies covering all regions of Scotland or otherwise known as "CHILLS" Cambletown ,Highland, Islay, Low Land and Speyside. This is the largest of the three bars and also has an extensive collection of Japanese and Bourbon.

The Macallan
Situated inside The Bar itself is a secret VIP room focused to Coctails developed by Macallan themselves!
The Macallan Experience Bar is home to the most comprehensive collection of Macallan in Tallinn with a number of bottles of the rarest single malts!
The impressive whisky bar has one of the best views of Tallinn overlooking the iconic Old Town.

The Bushmills Irish Bar
The Bushmills Bar is the third Bar in the Ternion room dedicated to only Irish Whiskies comprising of more than 100 bottles you will find a wonderful collection of Whiskeys. As well as the Whiskey the bar also stocks other famous Irish drinks in Ciders and Bottled beers, Vodka and of course Guinness !

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Diabolus Rum Bar

There's no better setting for a rum bar than Diabolus located in the Tailoring area of the club. With an impressive selection of rum & cocktails, this bar aims to educate the city on this noble spirit. The Bar comprises of over 100 Rums which are also a perfect compliment to the extensive Cigar collection. The signature cocktails are also perfect all year round!

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Tailors Gin Bar

Tailors Gin Bar is a plush little gin parlour nestled between the Tailors and The Ternion Whisky rooms. In this Bar you can work your way through ~200 different types of gin and have your juniper drink paired with a whole host of tonics and botanicals. You'll be treated to a wonderful experience of this famous drink!

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The Babylon Bar Mixology

Once upon a time, when people were forced to stay at home, The Babylon Bar was born to reunite all of us, that’s why in Babylon we speak the same language. 

Babylon is a cocktail bar inspired by the 20th century drinking culture, where the secrets of gastronomy and mixology meet in cocktails. The cosy and intimate Babylon is a place with a personal approach.

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Baijiu Bar

The history of this traditional Chinese liquor goes back over 2000 years with a significant evolution during the Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) when Chinese distillers introduced advanced and unique techniques for processing this distinctive type of liquor.
People who are new to baijiu or huangjiu are often scared to try it. Baijiu has such a strong flavor that integrating and balancing it in cocktails is a must,” When we added the Baijiu as a category we wanted to change people’s minds about what a Chinese cocktail could be and give people the knowledge behind the drinks!